Garfield Avenue


City Engineering


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Project Timeline

Completed May 2022

The resurfacing of Garfield Avenue from Hannah Avenue to Front Street kicked off on April 18, 2022 and was completed on May 6, 2022. The project will result in a conversion from a 4 to 3 lane avenue with bike lanes south of Eighth Street.

Driveway flares are to be removed in two locations and sidewalk ramps will brought into compliance with ADA requirements along the corridor at the Boyd, Eighth Street, Walnut Street, Titus Street, Webster Street and State Street intersections. In 2021, the Lincoln Street and Washington Street intersections were upgraded along with additional pedestrian improvements such as a pedestrian refuge island near the Civic Center crossing as part of the Sidewalk Gap & Infill Project and the Safe Routes to School Project.

“The reconstruction of Garfield Avenue will include a number of amenities to increase the safety of those seeking alternative transportation methods. Inclusion of bike lanes, meeting the requirements of ADA compliance on our sidewalk ramps, and enhanced crossing signals near the TART Trail will vastly improve this well-traveled corridor.”

-City Engineer, Tim Lodge


MDOT Small Urban Funding $330,000 and COVID Funding $35,602

Vehicular and pedestrian detour for Garfield Avenue construction