Madison & Jefferson Reconstruction


City Engineering


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Identified in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan is the reconstruction of Jefferson and Madison. The project character consists of replacing the existing streets with improvements to slow traffic and improve pedestrian accessibility. Specific character designs include:

Madison Street

  • Travel way narrowed to 30 feet curb to curb
  • 10-foot travel lanes
  • Bulb outs at the intersections reduce travel way to 27 feet to slow vehicles and reduce pedestrian crossing distance
  • Crosswalk paintings at intersections. Additional bulb-outs included on Wayne St.
  • Raised tabletops in the center of all three blocks to slow vehicles
  • Parking limited to the west side
  • Sidewalks were installed/replaced on both sides of the corridor with the exception of West side between Randolph St and Wayne St due to site limitations (saturated soil, creek crossing, large mature trees, etc.)
  • Replace curb and gutter

Jefferson Ave

  • Travel way narrowed to 29 feet curb to curb between Elmwood Ave and Madison St
  • 10-foot travel lanes
  • Crosswalk paintings at intersections
  • Sidewalks installed/replaced on both sides of the street with design exceptions to accommodate existing large trees
  • Replace existing curb and gutter
  • Between Madison St and Fulton St will remain a matte street, without curb and gutter or sidewalks, and will have a 30-foot travel way consisting of 10-foot lanes and 5-foot shoulders. 

Also coordinated with the plan are additional water and sanitary sewer utility upgrades.


$1,449,000 and $939,000 budgeted respectively provided by Millage funds for streets and sidewalks