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Project Timeline

Start: May 23, 2022

Approximate Completion: June 10, 2022

Project Update: June 7, 2022

 Motorists and pedestrians should be aware that Pavement Maintenance Systems, LLC will be working on city streets for the cape sealing project through the June 10, 2022. The work will cause intermittent closures on city streets and disruptions to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Roadways affected over the weekend are as follows:

  • June 7th: Fairlane Street, Fifteenth Street between Veterans and E. Terminus, Sixteenth Street between Veterans and E. Terminus
  • June 8th: E. Front Street between Munson and East Bay Blvd., Thirteenth Street between Division and Oaks Streets and Wadsworth and E. Terminus, Lake Avenue between E. Eighth and Tenth Streets, Milliken Street (after school is out for day)
  • June 9th: E. Eighth Street between Woodmere and Munson Avenues. Lane shifts will allow for two lane traffic.
  • June 10th: Wayne Street within Incochee.

The City will kick off the 2022 cape seal project on May 23, 2022. A cape seal is a two-step pavement preservation process that combines two roadway surface treatments designed to extend the life of pavements in fair to good condition, consisting of a chip seal treatment, which is then covered by a slurry seal (a cold mix paving treatment) or micro surfacing treatment.  The City’s Streets Department initiated the use of the alternate pavement maintenance technique known as cape seal in 2011. The cape seal application improved the useful life of nearly 3.5 miles of roadway.

“The City uses a number of proven methodologies of repairing streets.  Cape sealing has proven to be a useful technique that can extend the life of pavement for nearly 10 years.  Our professional engineering staff and streets department worked on developing an overarching plan to best utilize available funding to extend or replace the life of our street surfaces."

-City Manager Martin Colburn.

The City Commission authorized a contract for the Cape Sealing Project at their June 21, 2021 meeting. The contract with Pavement Maintenance Systems, for $1,493,280, will extend the life of 12.85 miles of city streets by approximately 7 – 10 years.

The City’s Streets Department identified 12.85 miles of streets that would benefit from the technique.  Cape sealing is completed more rapidly than other pavement preservation techniques.  Thus, the inconvenience to the public will be minimized. The project is anticipated to be complete by June 10, 2022, weather pending. The work will take approximately 2 to 3 days on each street and street closures will occur at varied times and locations.


$1,493,280 from the Road Commission Millage Pavement Preservation Fund will fund the Cape Sealing Project.

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