Restoring Kids Creek

City Engineering


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Nearly $2,750,000 was invested into green infrastructure to restore Kids Creek. In 2021, a pivotal point was met in The Watershed Center’s large-scale Kids Creek Restoration Project, which was started in 2013 with the goal of reducing the impact of stormwater and sedimentation on Kids Creek and its tributaries so it could be removed from the State’s 303(d) Impaired Waters List. The removal of undersized culverts and replacing them with clear span structures improved 3 priority road crossings in the City along Kids Creek where a negative hydrological and hydraulic effect was had on the stream. Two locations were on Cedar Street and one location on Sixth Street. The project will restore natural stream function and improve fish habitat. In addition to this work, the pedestrian bridges in the Kids Creek Crossing area replaced an undersized culvert and will help restore proper hydrologic function to the creek. City Engineering led the design effort for the projects and provided engineering services and construction oversight. 

Two existing concrete box culverts were replaced with clear span pedestrian bridges in two locations on Kids Creek. This project is funded through a grant obtained by the Watershed Center Grand Traverse. One location is the old railroad grade between Division St and Silver Dr which was completed in conjunction with a paved path that is part of the Safe Routes to School Project. The second location is where Kids Creek crosses the abandoned portion of Elmwood Avenue between 11th Street and Silver Lake Road. The project is substantially complete. 


Nearly $2,750,000 was invested into restoring Kids Creek. The project was funded through a $1,488,717 NOAA Grant funding obtained by the Watershed Center and additional grant funding obtained by the Watershed Center in the amount of $327,500. The City provided additional funding of $454,000 from the Water Fund, $370,000 from the Sewer Fund, and $125,000 from the Public Improvement Fund