Veterans Drive Reconstruction


City Engineering


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Project Timeline

Start: August 2024

Veterans Drive from Fourteenth Street to the City limits will be reconstructed beginning August 2024 to enhance safety, accessibility, and infrastructure durability. The project is anticipated to be complete in early October 2024. 

Project Details

  • Pavement Removal: Existing pavements, including underlying concrete, selective sidewalks, and sections of curb, will be removed to facilitate water service replacements and other upgrades.
  • Curb and Sidewalk Adjustments: Intersections will see the removal of curbs and sidewalks to create bulb outs on the side streets, reducing pedestrian crossing exposure. These removals will also occur in areas needing water service replacements. The curb along the west side of the road will largely remain in place.
  • Water Main Installation: A new water main will be installed along the center line of the existing roadway at a depth of six feet, while the existing water main will be abandoned in place.
  • Drainage Improvements: New catch basins and dry wells will be added at low points and intersections to reduce stormwater loading.
  • Curb and Sidewalk Replacement: New curbs and sidewalks will replace those removed during the project.
  • Roadway Construction: The contractor will install a new aggregate base and asphalt top.
  • Sidewalk and Crossing Updates: A new sidewalk will be installed along the west side up to Boughey Street, featuring a new crossing.
  • Roadway Striping: The roadway will be striped for 10-foot travel lanes, special emphasis crosswalk markings, 6-7 foot bike lanes, and bike shields extending to the city limits.

Veterans Drive Project Plans


The contract involves MDOT contributing up to $1,127,594 and the city covering up to $1,211,985.98. Funding will come from the Road Fund and Water Fund.