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Public Art - Boathouse Sculpture Project

Awarded to Daniel Roache on 2/22/2019

For the City Manager

The Traverse City Arts Commission is seeking to commission a new work of art to be placed on the Gordon and Jean Cornwell Sailing Center Boathouse located in Hull Park on Boardman Lake in Traverse City, Michigan. The art will be completed by a commissioned artist. The proposed art will be located on the south facing facade of the Boathouse. The project will be one of the first exhibits that are planned for the Boardman Lake Art Trail; a total of three exhibits are currently in the planning stages for a 2019 implementation.

The project will be a permanent work of art and become part of the Arts Commission’s collection. The type of artwork will be a sculptural mural and be attached to the outside south-facing wall of the Hull Park Boathouse. A sculptural mural being defined as an assemblage of sculptural elements that are attached directly to the existing Boathouse wall. The building wall space available is approximately 8’x 60’ by a 6” maximum depth.

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