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Bid and RFP Results for 2020

Catch Basin Cleaning (not yet awarded) - bid results
Attorney Services for Michigan Tax Tribunal Matters (awarded to Rosati, Schultz, Joppich & Amtsbuechler, PC) - bid results
Approximately 21,200 Gallons (270,000 Pounds) of Ferric Sulfate Solution (12% Fe) (awarded to Chemtrade Chemicals) - bid results
Approximately 30,000 Gallons of Sodium Hypochlorite (awarded to Haviland Products Company) - bid results
Approximately 7,400 Gallons (38 Tons) of 23% Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (awarded to Alexander Chemical Corp.) - bid results
2020 Historic Barns Park Road Reconstruction Project (awarded to Elmer's Crane and Dozer) - bid results
Cross Connection Control Program Water/Wastewater Maintenance Department (not yet awarded) - bid results
Marina Fuel (awarded to Blarney Castle) - bid results
Carnegie Building Boiler Replacement Services (awarded to ABI Mechanical) - bid results
US-31 Water Main Soil Borings with Geotechnical Engineering RFP (awarded to Gosling Czubak) - bid results
5 Year Recreation Master Plan (awarded to Gosling Czubak) - bid results
2019 Randolph Street Reconstruction Project (awarded to Elmer's Crane and Dozer)
Water System Reliability Study Request for Proposals (not yet awarded) - bid results
All Aluminum Enclosed Cargo Trailer (awarded to Michigan Trailers) - bid results
Painting of Striping of Various Parking Areas, Crosswalks and Legends (awarded to M & M Pavement Marking, Inc.) - bid results
Painting of Street Line Markings, Centerlines (awarded to P K Contracting) - bid results
2019 East Front Street Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project (awarded to Corby Energy Services, Inc.) - bid results