Planning, Zoning, & Engineering
Board of Zoning Appeals

Fee: $420 for variance, exception, appeal, ordinance interpretation or reconsideration

Building Moving

Fee: $100/Move

Ch. 1468

Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT)

Fee: $2,200 New and Renewal

Ch. 881

Permit/Project Application Form

(for Land Use, Right-of-Way, and Stormwater Runoff Control Permits and Fire and Utility Reviews)

Fee: varies

Sewer Contractor Registration

Fee: $20 Annually & $4000 surety bond

Ch. 1446.01

Special Improvement District - Lighting

This form is used when requesting a special improvement district for lighting.

Zoning Change

Fee: $1,050 for a rezoning $1,680 conditional rezoning