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Shared Streets Program

Shared Streets Program

The City has teamed up with TART Trails and Norte to highlight the advantages of shared streets within our community. The purpose of this program is to offer an opportunity for our citizens to engage in activities on a Shared Street within their neighborhood while celebrating the public space that connects us. The City intends to use the concept of the Shared Street to promote walking, jogging, bicycling, use of wheelchairs, and other mobile-type recreation activities that will contribute to the health and well-being of neighborhood residents, while providing opportunity for interaction. Furthermore, the program is intended to permit access and movement of residential and other necessary traffic on a Shared Street at a very low rate of speed to continue access for residents, services they employ, and City services that have a purpose accessing the Shared Street.

The Shared Streets Program will not close the street to traffic. Rather, signage will be placed at each entrance to this portion of the street to indicate the Shared Street. Access by residents, delivery trucks, emergency vehicles, etc. will be maintained. Additionally:

  • Use of the Shared Street for stationary activities such as the set up and use of picnic table and BBQ's is strictly prohibited.
  • Children aged ten and under should be accompanied by an adult or guardian while using the Shared Street.

Shared Streets 2021

Sixteenth Street: Program has concluded

Beadle Street: July 19th - August 6th

Spruce Street: August 23rd - September 3th

Shared Streets 2021 Survey

Take the 2021 Survey HERE.

This page last updated on 8/12/2021.