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Streets Projects

2013 Street Department Projects

The Streets Department had a very busy construction season. 

Over 25 miles of City streets had crack seal applied.  That’s nearly one-third of all City streets!  This treatment keeps water from infiltrating the cracks in the asphalt, and that substantially decreases the damage caused by the winter freeze/thaw cycle.

Another treatment used this year was pavement preservation with hot mix overlay on nearly 4 miles of our streets.  This treatment consisted of making repairs to potholes and other existing surface damage, then overlaying the entire street with approximately ¾” layer of new asphalt.  We expect this to result in a longer life for the street before it needs to be reconstructed.  In a few years, the streets that had this treatment applied will probably be eligible for crack seal treatment, which will in turn give us even more life from this preservation treatment.

We also participated in a partnership with MDOT that allowed us to make extensive infrared repairs along East Front Street and Munson Avenue.  This technique is much more effective than typical pot hole patching, since it allows a seamless bond between the existing asphalt surface and the new patch area.

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