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Traverse City Public Pier Study Committee


Please see the project page: (under construction)

PIER STUDY COMMITTEE (archive information)

Goal: To complete the design, preliminary engineering, studies and construction drawings and details to build an approx. 550 foot, universally accessible fishing pier at the mouth of the Boardman River on Grand Traverse Bay. The pier will provide unique, outstanding access for people of all ages, needs and abilities to fish for migratory and other species, and to learn about the Great Lakes, the importance of stewardship and the value, challenges and opportunities involving the fishery.

Project Purpose: The purpose of the project is to carry out the scope of work in the grant award from the Great Lakes Fishery Trust that was formally accepted by the Traverse City Commission to design the Traverse City Pier at the mouth of the Boardman River.


Pier Study Committee Purpose:

  1. To finalize and disseminate a request for qualifications (RFQ) to perform the scope of work in the Great Lakes Fishery Trust grant award.
  2. To screen and interview candidates who respond to the RFQ.
  3. To recommend a candidate to the City of Traverse City, recognizing that the City Commission will make ultimate decisions involving the project consultant.
  4. To help engage all interests in the process.
  5. To stay informed of project status and steps and provide input through the design phase of the project.

Contact Information:

Resource Documents:

Questions/Comment submission:
We would like to hear from you. Please submit your questions/comments/concerns in writing, so that the consultant hired to complete the Traverse City Pier study, design and engineering can consider and respond to each question. Please submit comments via email by doing the following: Send an email to Missy Luick, Planning and Engineering Assistant, title your email "Traverse City Pier Comment", in the body of the email, please state your name, contact information and clearly articulate your question or comment.  


Request for Qualifications (RFQ): The Traverse City Public Pier RFQ was released on May 15, 2014. Responses were due June 12, 2014. We received seven proposals:

Project News:
Murchie Bridge underpass looking north
Murchie Bridge underpass looking south
Fishermen in boat near river mouth
Existing sheet pile wall
Boardman River mouth
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