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Human Resources

The Human Resources Department provides support for the administration of policies, benefits, payroll, compensation, training and recruitment. We are dedicated to attracting, retaining, and supporting a qualified diverse workforce. The HR Department encourages and supports an atmosphere where employees feel valued and recognized for their efforts.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain flexible benefit programs that are responsive to employee needs and provide quality and value.
  • Administer the recruitment and hiring programs for new employees.
  • Provide employee benefits consistent with Federal and State laws.
  • Negotiating labor agreements (Memorandums of Agreement) with unions who represent 6 bargaining units.
  • Monitoring compliance with all labor contract terms and conditions of employment.
  • Providing advice and counsel to City management on labor relations issues.
  • Representing City departments in grievance and arbitration hearing

Core Values

We carry out our mission and vision with integrity, dignity, and professionalism, defined by these core values, exhibitingin our service to our employees and our community:

PEOPLE - we are people focused

INTEGRITY - we foster integrity as the foundation for all that we do, promoting honesty and trust, confidentiality, and collaboration in an environment of team work.

COMMUNICATION Effective communication is the foundation of our personal and business relations. We actively seek to understand the perspectives of others by listening with an open mind and communicating honestly, with appropriate discretion.

RESPECT - we create an environment of respect for all, founded in equity, courtesy, patience, understanding and responsiveness.

DIVERSITY - we recognize and appreciate our similarities and differences, celebrating diversity in people, philosophies, cultures, beliefs and abilities.

COMPETENCE - we will capitalize on the knowledge, skills and abilities mastered though our education, training and experience.

This page last updated on 7/20/2018.