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Bid and RFP Results for 2019

Kitchen Equipment for Hickory Hills (awarded to D.L. Walker ) - bid results
Trail Bridge Soil Borings with Geotechnical Engineering (awarded to Gosling Czubak )
DJI MATRICE 210 UAS DRONE (not yet awarded) - bid results
Heavy Duty Diesel Tandem Axle Trucks (2) (not yet awarded) - bid results
Utility Snowmobile (1) (awarded to Classic Motor Sports) - bid results
2500 Tons Screened 2NS Sand (awarded to Kasson Sand & Gravel Co.) - bid results
2019 Fire Station #2 Storage Building (awarded to Zelinski Brothers) - bid results
Traverse City Police Dept./Uniforms and Equipment (awarded to Nye Uniforms) - bid results
TC Arts/Clinch Park Tunnel Mural Panel & Lighting System (awarded to Image 360) - bid results
2018 Browns Landing Pedestrian Bridge Project (awarded to Bridge Brothers)
Approximately 7,400 Gallons (38 Tons) of 23% Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (awarded to Pencco) - bid results
Approximately 21,200 Gallons (270,000 Pounds) of Ferric Sulfate Solution (12% Fe) (awarded to Chemtrade) - bid results
Approximately 30,000 Gallons of Sodium Hypochlorite (awarded to Haviland) - bid results
Hardy Parking Garage Boiler Replacement (awarded to D&W Mechanical) - bid results
Hardy Parking Garage Pedestrian Tower Roof Replacement (awarded to Story Roofing) - bid results
RFP: Fire/EMS Transport Feasibility Study 2019 (awarded to TriData LLC) - bid results
HVAC Service, Examination & Maintenance/Parking Services (awarded to Sheren Plumbing) - bid results
Carnegie Building Sewer Service Replacement (awarded to Marco Industrial Inc.) - bid results
Clinch Park Marina Fuel (awarded to Blarney Castle) - bid results
UNP Art Project (awarded to Image 360) - bid results
Painting of Street Line Markings, Centerlines (awarded to M & M Pavement Marking, Inc.) - bid results
Painting of Striping of Various Parking Areas, Crosswalks and Legends (awarded to M & M Pavement Marking, Inc.) - bid results
Senior Center Building Design Services RFP (not yet awarded) - bid results
Cleaning Services for the Department of Public Services (awarded to Universal Cleaners) - bid results
2019 Pavement Preservation Project (awarded to Elmer's Crane and Dozer) - bid results
Heavy Duty Diesel Powered Tandem Axle Truck (awarded to Grand Traverse Diesel) - bid results
Professional Services for Construction Testing 2019 Pavement Preservation Project RFP (awarded to Gosling Czubak) - bid results
Sidewalk Gap Infill Project (awarded to Elmer's Crane and Dozer) - bid results
Traverse City Parking Services-Conduit Installation For Camera System (not yet awarded) - bid results
2019 Eighth Street Reconstruction Project (awarded to Elmer's Crane and Dozer) - bid results
Elevator Service, Examination & Maintenance (awarded to Kone Inc) - bid results
Police Motorcycles (3) (awarded to Zips 45th Parallel Harley Davidson) - bid results
US 31 Water Main Survey RFP (awarded to Cardno & Leading Edge Surveying) - bid results
Wastewater Treatment Priority Improvements Plan RFP (not yet awarded) - bid results
City of Traverse City Water Treatment Plant Exterior Wall Selective Demolition RFP (awarded to TC Concrete LLC) - bid results
Public Art - Clinch Park Tunnel Art Exhibition (awarded to Bobby Magee Lopez)
Public Art - Boathouse Sculpture Project (awarded to Daniel Roache)
Safe Routes to School Topographic Surveying and Mapping RFP (awarded to Landtech)