Election Commission


Established December 17, 1998

Resolution No. 469; Chapter 280 Codified Ordinances of the City of Traverse City.

The Election Commission is a neutral body and has no policy decision making authority. City Charter, ordinances and state law mandate election procedures. The Election Commission consists of three registered voters and the City Clerk who serves as Chair and Secretary and calls all meetings. 

Examples of duties: to appoint election inspectors and to approve printing of City election ballots. All appointments are for three years with the first appointments being staggered. Appointments are made by the City Commission.

Meeting Schedule
The Election Commission meets approximately twice a year.


All appointments expire the second Monday in December. The City Commission shall appoint the three registered voter members of the Election Commission for a term of three years. In order to be eligible for appointment, these persons shall not be in default to the city, meaning that they do not owe any delinquent bill or back taxes to the City. No member shall be appointed or continue to sit on the Elections Commission if they or any member of their immediate family are a candidate to be voted on at the upcoming election. Upon discovering such candidacy, an Elections Commissioner shall immediately notify the City Clerk.

Staff Liaison:

Benjamin C. Marentette
City Clerk

(231) 922-4480

Board Members

Benjamin Marentette, City Clerk 
(231) 922-4480
Initial Apt. Date: 09/19/2011
Termination: Continuous

Pamela DeMerle 
236 E Eighth St., Apt A, TC, 49684
(616) 682-7584
Initial Apt. Date: 09/20/2021
Termination: 12/08/2025

Chris Campbell
116 N. Monroe St., TC, 49684
(231) 935-1873
Initial Apt. Date: 07/06/1999
Termination: 12/9/2024

Barbara A. Assendelft
300 East Bay Blvd. N., TC, 49686
(231) 620-4231
Initial Apt. Date: 09/20/2021
Termination: 12/11/2023