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Department of Public Services
City Garage
625 Woodmere
Traverse City, MI 49686
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Dave Courtad

Garage Superintendent

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Mission Statement: To provide maximum vehicle and equipment availability to enable City Departments the ability to provide both normal and emergency public services.

The Garage Division is an internal service fund that maintains the facilities at 535, 625, and 631 Woodmere Avenue and operates the fleet maintenance shop, parts/storeroom, and fuel depot. Ensuring that our fleet meets the City's needs, we maintain, service, and manage the purchasing of the City's fleet of motor equipment. The City owns over 400 pieces of rolling stock and miscellaneous equipment that include:

  • Fire apparatus: Engines, 100' ladder truck, etc.
  • Police vehicles: Patrol Cars, Motorcycles, Specialty Equipment
  • TC Light & Power: Aerial Bucket Trucks, Digger Dereks, Snow Plows, Work Trucks, Snow Groomers, Snowmobiles

When City vehicles are retired, we sell them as surplus online at Public Surplus.