Utility Bill Separation

One Bill Becomes Two

Going into effect starting with the December 2022 bills, customers will begin receiving a water/sewer bill from the City of Traverse City and an electric and TCLPfiber (for those who have subscribed) bill from TCLP.

With these changes both entities are updating to new customer billing portals. Not only will these updates deliver the most current technology, but they will also provide the foundation for additional applications that will continue to improve the customer experience.

The October and November bills will remain the same and you can continue to make payments at the Governmental Center. However, for your December bills, you will no longer be able to make payments at the Governmental Center for bills associated with TCLP.

General Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why is the billing of the utilities being separated?

The City and TCLP continue to enhance the customer experience. Because of changes in service offerings and future opportunities, the separation of the billing systems will create operational efficiencies and ease of the customer’s ability to read and understand their utility usage.

2. Will my billing due date change?

For electric, water, and sewer the timeframe in which you receive your bill, and your due date will not change. Customers with TCLPfiber who also electric service have will see a change in due date that will mirror their current electric bill.

3. Will I be getting new account numbers?

Yes, you will be getting a new account number for both.

4. Can I pay both utility bills with one check?

No, each bill will have to be paid separately.

5. If I currently pay via e-check, will this continue for both utilities?

No, you will need to set up an e-check separately for both City of Traverse City and TCLP.

6. Can I pay in person? 

Yes, but only at the respective locations, i.e., City of Traverse City Treasurer office and TCLP Service Center – Add Addresses.

7. Can I continue to pay by mail?

Yes, but the payments will need to be directed to each respective location.

8. Can I utilize the payment drop boxes?

Yes, the drop box at the governmental center and the drop box at the Service Center, 1131 Hastings Street, will accept payment for both bills. Each utility bill must be included in separate envelopes and only by check.

9. What will the first bill look like?

The first cycle of separated utility bills will come in the mail for all customers, there will be no electronic statements. Instructions will be included on how to read your bill as well as how to enroll in the new customer portals to reenroll for electronic statements.

10. How soon can I sign up under the new customer portals?

Access to sign up under the new customer portals will be available upon receipt of your first bill in December. Again, instructions will be included in this mailing.

11. If I currently have automatic bank drafting (ACH) for bill payment will this information be transferred over to the new utility billing systems?

Yes, your account information will transfer for payment under both utility billing systems. However, it is recommended that you re-enroll in the new customer portals going forward to ensure your informaton is accurate. 

12. If I am currently already signed up under the customer portal, do I need to re-enroll in the new customer portal?

Yes, you will need to re-enroll in both the City of Traverse City customer portal and TCL&P’s customer portal.

13. Who do I contact with billing questions?

Water & Sewer
City of Traverse City
Customer Service Department
400 Boardman Avenue
(231) 922-4431

Electric and TCLPfiber
Traverse City Light & Power
TCLP Service Center
1131 Hastings Street
(231) 922-4940