Traverse City, Michigan is located in portions of both Grand Traverse County and Leelanau County within Northern Lower Michigan. Traverse City is situated on the shores of picturesque East Grand Traverse Bay and West Grand Traverse Bay, which both flow into Lake Michigan. While Traverse City’s official population is 15,678, and a daytime population of more than twice the official population, it is the hub of a Micropolitan Statistical Area of 153,448 (2020 census).

International City of Peace

The City of Traverse City has been designated an International City of Peace. International Cities of Peace is an association of citizens, governments and organizations who have by proclamation, resolution, or by citizen advocacy established their communities as official Cities of Peace. Every community has a legacy of peace, whether it is by a historical event or by a local peace heroes or groups who have contributed to their citizen’s safety, prosperity and quality of life.

No city is 100% a city of peace, rather all are on the path to “becoming” a more peaceful city. Establishing a community as a peace city recognizes past achievements, encourages current initiatives, and inspires future generations for practical peace building.

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Increasing the City’s communication landscape is at the forefront of our goals and objectives. We strive to develop the four pillars of trust; expertise, reliability, goodwill, and authenticity, with our community members. Let’s work together on a sustainable future that contributes to the health of our region economically and environmentally and provides equitable opportunities for all.