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Project Timeline

Start: Summer 2022 

Anticipated Completion:
Fall 2023

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DRAFT Moblity Action Plan

Community Engagement Report


The City is working a comprehensive planning process that addresses emerging micro-mobility options and the steps necessary to create a robust non-motorized network throughout the City and has entered into an agreement with Progressive AE/Toole Design Group to develop a Mobility Action Plan. 

The planning process led by Progressive AE will produce a community supported, actionable plan with articulated goals stemming from a robust engagement plan. The broader community, including identified stakeholder organizations, will be engaged throughout the planning process: including a community survey, three public engagement sessions, stakeholder meetings, and public review of the draft final plan. Additional participation opportunities are outlined in the attached proposal. Inclusive engagement will allow Progressive AE to identify the top five highest priority projects for Traverse City's Mobility Action Plan and produce a preliminary scope and cost for each.

"Though the topic of mobility is typically covered under the transportation and circulation chapter of the city's master plan, it has become apparent that addressing non-motorized mobility for the Traverse City community is complex enough to warrant its own planning process, to be done in parallel with the ongoing master plan formation and eventually incorporated as a subarea plan within the document. In addition to goals of increased accessibility and connectivity for people who utilize non-motorized methods of transportation, the formation of the Mobility and Bike Action Plan is intended to provide community expectations and direction on future street projects, which will make planning processes more predictable and allow better use of City funds"

-Shawn Winter, City Planner


Although there have been several formal and informal attempts at developing a city-wide plan for bike and pedestrian infrastructure, this will be the first comprehensive mobility and bike action plan for the City. To that end, the plan will build upon, expand and cultivate the City’s evolving culture of mobility. The City will work with the consultant to lead an extensive and inclusive community engagement process to develop the Mobility Action Plan.

The planning process will include an assessment of the entire street and non-motorized network, identification of community values and goals, a review of current policies and ordinances, a balanced summary and applicability of Complete Streets and other mobility/biking best-practices in the City, and an implementation plan that addresses opportunities for micro-mobility and identifies a preferred mobility and bike network for the City. The planning process will also help to identify immediate, medium and long-range actions, potential costs and funding opportunities, and necessary partnerships. In addition, the planning process will identify how the preferred mobility and bike network connects to, supports and impacts recent and on-going planning efforts related to future street design, traffic circulation and placemaking plans and projects.


Progressive AE Proposal

Proposed Leadership Team

  • Mi Stanley - City Commission
  • Mitchell Treadwell - City Commission, Planning Comission
  • Anna Dituri - City Planning Commission
  • To Be Filled - DDA Board Member
  • Alex Yockey - City Engineering
  • Shawn Winter - City Planning Director
  • Frank Dituri - City Director of Public Services
  • Colleen Paveglio - City Communications Specialist 
  • Nicole VanNess - DDA, Transportation and Mobility Director
  • Harry Burkholder - DDA, Chief Operating Officer
  • Kelly Dunham - BATA, Executive Director
  • Christi Novak - Munson Health Services
  • Jim Moore - Executive Director, Disability Network Northern Michigan
  • Gary Howe - City Resident
  • Amy Hartzog - Trail Planner, TART Trails


The funding of the approximately $155,000 project breaks down as follows:

Downtown Development Authority:     

MEDC RRC Technical Assistance:     

Rotary Charities of Traverse City:       

City of Traverse City:                           

Project Total: $155,000