Active Transportation

Active Transportation

Active Transportation Committee 

The Active Transportation Committee is working to create a City of Traverse City Active Transportation Plan. The mission and vision/purpose of the plan is as follows.

A community designed for healthy, active living that provides and promotes safe, inviting, efficient and inclusive access to public and private attractions regardless of age, physical ability, or choice of transportation.


  • A complete, well maintained, active transportation network that encourages a healthy mix of transportation choices that support community goals for environmental protection, social cohesion, and self-reliance.
  • A land-use strategy that encourages a variety of neighborhood businesses, schools, and parks within a 15-minute walk.

Committee Members

Brian Beauchamp, TART Trails
James Bruckbauer, Groundworks
Harry Burkholder, DDA
Bill Clark, BATA
Marty Colburn, City Manager
Daren Dixon, TCL&P
Amy Hartzog, TART Trails
Gary Howe, Norte
Alanna Lahey, Disability Network
Eric Lingaur, BATA
Tim Lodge, City Engineer
Matt McCauly, Networks Northwest
Carolyn Ulstad, Groundworks
Nicole VanNess, DDA
Dan Wagner, MDOT
Tim Werner, City Commission
Shawn Winter, City Planner

View the interactive online map showing existing and proposed active transportation infrastructure here.


Active Transportation Public Input Survey Results


MDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Terminology