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Performance Dashboard

Archived Performance Dashboard

Governor Snyder proposed the elimination of statutory revenue sharing and created a program called the Economic Vitality Incentive Program, now called the City, Village and Township Revenue Sharing/County Incentive Program (CVTRS) to replace approximately two thirds of what a city, village or township would have received under the former statutory revenue sharing.

The goal of the CVTRS program is to provide transparency in local government, and provide information to citizens through the creation of a Performance Dashboard, Citizens Guide, Debt Service Report and Projected Budget.  The reports below represent a snapshot of information and statistics regarding fiscal stability, public safety, economic strength and quality of life factors for Traverse City. 

MUNICIPAL PERFORMANCE DASHBOARD  - includes financial and operating measures important to government and its citizens.   This data includes the current year and prior year overview comparisons.

MUNICIPAL CITIZEN'S GUIDE  - includes city budget and finances of summarized and detailed information for multiple years through charts and graphs.  

PROJECTED BUDGET REPORT - includes city General Fund budget projected through the next two years.

DEBT SERVICE REPORT  - provides a snapshot of the City's long term debt at the end of each fiscal year.  In the case of the City of Traverse City, this report is provided as of June 30 of each year.

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