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City Appoints New Treasurer / Finance Director

by Alanna Crouch
Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Subject: City Commission confirms appointment of Kelli Martin as City Treasurer/Finance Director

Primary Contact: Benjamin Marentette, City Clerk,  (231) 922-4480

Issued: July 22, 2020

On Monday, July 20, 2020, the City Commission unanimously approved City Manager Marty Colburn’s appointment of Kelli Martin as City Treasurer/Finance Director.   Ms. Martin will officially assume her position upon being sworn into office; she is expected to begin on Monday, August 24, 2020.  Ms. Martin will succeed William Twietmeyer, who retired on July 7, 2020, after serving as City Treasurer/Finance Director since 1990.

The City of Traverse City conducted a recruitment for the position which functions as the city’s Chief Financial Officer; and an interview team consisting of senior management (City Manager Marty Colburn; Assistant City Manager Penny Hill; City Clerk Benjamin Marentette; and Human Resources Director Kristine Bosley) conducted in-depth interviews of candidates for the position.   The team unanimously concluded that Ms. Martin should be considered as a finalist, at which point City Attorney Lauren Trible-Laucht and Downtown Development Authority CEO Jean Derenzy were asked to participate in a second, in-depth interview with Ms. Martin.   Ultimately, the (expanded) team concluded Ms. Martin would be an excellent fit for the City Treasurer/Finance Director position.

Ms. Martin has served in a variety of financial and strategic roles within city government (serving as financial manager for the City of Ann Arbor), within state government (State of Michigan and State of Ohio) and currently serves in a responsible financial capacity for Michigan State University, overseeing financial management of an extensive portfolio of grants for Michigan State University.   She holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) with a concentration in management information systems, a Master of Science in Accounting Research, a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in finance and international business.  

Ms. Martin is excited at this opportunity, saying “I have deep roots in Northwest lower Michigan.  As a lifelong public servant, I have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the efficient use of taxpayer dollars.  The appointment as City Treasurer/Finance Director of Traverse City is an honor.  I look forward to serving the City and am excited about the future in this vibrant City.”

City Manager Marty Colburn, who brought forward the appointment of Ms. Martin for City Commission approval, adds “Kelli Martin brings with her a breadth of experience.   Through her various positions, she has built skills and acumen as a result of serving in responsible financial oversight and advisory roles within city and state governments as well as her current position at Michigan State University.”    

Mayor Pro Tem Amy Shamroe, who enthusiastically made the motion to approve Ms. Martin’s appointment adds, “Ms. Martin’s professional and academic background will serve our city government and this community very well; as a key member of the city team, as one of our advisors, she will help guide decisions we make and how we allocate public funds under our trust.  I was very glad that her appointment was unanimously approved by the City Commission and that so many of my colleagues articulated excitement to have someone with Ms. Martin’s background join the team.”  

The City Charter requires the City Manager’s appointment of both the City Clerk and the City Treasurer be approved by five affirmative votes of the City Commission.  The appointment is for an indefinite term, with the City Manager’s removal of either of these two corporate officers requiring five affirmative votes of the City Commission.  This provision exists so that these two corporate officers, whose duties include providing final approval on all disbursements of approximately $140 million, in addition to other functions, may be done with proper independence, for checks and balances purposes.