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Leaf Pick-Up is OVER - please stop raking leaves into the Streets!

by Katelyn Zeits
Friday, December 27, 2019

*Reminder* to all City residents - leaf pick-up is OVER! Please DO NOT rake leaves into the streets, alleys, or onto public property. It is up to property owners to find an alternative method for disposing of your leaves. 

Any person found to be in violation of Chapter 668.02 of the Traverse City Code of Ordinance shall be responsible for a civil infraction. 

Volunteers Needed for the Development Area Citizens Council!

by Katelyn Zeits
Thursday, December 19, 2019

The City is seeking volunteers who reside in the TIF 97 District to serve on the Development Area Citizens Council – a map can be found at:

The Development Area Citizens Council is charged with providing findings and recommendations concerning a proposed development plan in the downtown region and the extension of TIF 97.

If this board is of interest to you, we encourage you to complete an Application to Become Involved and submit it to the City Clerk’s Office by January 13, 2020. You’re encouraged to include a resume with your application, however it is not required.

If you have any questions, please contact Katie Zeits, Deputy City Clerk at or by phone at 231-922-4480.

Sidewalk Snow Removal Responsibilities

by Katelyn Zeits
Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Keeping Sidewalks Accessible for Everyone -

With winter’s arrival, the City of Traverse City reminds residents and business owners that they are responsible for the removal of any snow and ice that accumulates on the sidewalks immediately adjacent to their property.  City officials are also encouraging residents to help their neighbors and relatives who have difficulty removing snow from their sidewalks.

“Almost all of us travel by foot for a portion of our daily trips,” said City Clerk Benjamin Marentette.  “As a community, particularly when we have a traditional Northern Michigan winter, we need to work together to keep those sidewalks and crosswalks clear to help us all get around.”

The City reminds everyone that many people rely on walking and transit as their primary way to access jobs, services, and businesses.  Without clear paths through snow and ice, it is especially difficult for people with disabilities, the elderly, and children to walk safely.

In addition, uncleared pathways make it difficult for firefighters and paramedics in cases of emergency. “Having clear sidewalks and pathways when emergency personnel, such as Fire Fighters and Police Officers, are responding, makes a huge difference when each moment is precious,” said Marentette.

The City’s Department of Public Services helps in clearing sidewalks after major snow events, however their priority are primary corridors and sidewalks near schools.  However, during prolonged snowfalls, DPS may not have the capacity to assist in sidewalk clearing for several days. When residents promptly clear snow and ice, they play a critical part in keeping Traverse City moving. 

Residents who would like to report a problem related to the enforcement of the City’s snow removal ordinance, are encouraged to call Code Enforcement Officer Mike Trombley, 922-4414 or visit the City of Traverse City website at

Primary Contact:         Benjamin Marentette, City Clerk,

Issued:                          December 3, 2019