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Coast Guard City Committee

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All appointments are for three years, with terms expiring August 25, with the initial appointments to be staggered as outlined in the ordinance.    The committee consists of 8 members, who are appointed as follows:   One member Ex-officio is the City Manager or designee, with full voting authority (may be non-registered elector of the city); one member Ex-officio is the Commander serving at the Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City or designee, (may be non-registered elector of the city); and the remaining members are appointed by the City Commission.

Purpose: This committee serves in an advisory capacity to the City Commission to make recommendations on matters relating to the operation, development, and planning of the United States Coast Guard services, facilities, and programs within the City of Traverse City. Annually, the committee submits to the City Commission a report of its activities. Additionally, the Committee shall submit to the City Manager a proposed budget for funds necessary for the capital improvements and general operation of the United States Coast Guard Committee systems through the normal budget. The committee may solicit and recommend that the city receive any gifts, etc., to be applied for the Committee's purposes. The use and disposal of such gifts, etc., shall be approved by the City Commission.

This page last updated on 2/6/2020.