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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integrate spatial data (maps) and tabular data (informational databases) through computer technology. In doing so, it revolutionizes the way in which we can utilize information. 

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Traverse City GIS (TCGIS) manages various datasets within the city's jurisdiction including tax parcels, street centerlines, imagery, utility data, planning and zoning layers and strives to maintain accurate data to increase efficiency, save time, and inform decisions makers. TCGIS also assists the public to view and access various data from interactive web maps along with digital and paper maps.

TCGIS utilizes GIS servers to share spatial data across numerous platforms including web maps, tablets, smart phones and desktop applications. As the City adapts to changing technology, TCGIS is deploying more user friendly solutions to both City Staff and the public. 

Below are links to various public facing interactive maps (click image to view):

Tax Parcel Viewer


Medical Marihuana Interactive Map

Medical Marijuana Interactive Map 

Vacation Home Rental Interactive Map


Tourist Home Interactive Map

TH Map

Park Locator Interactive Map

Park Locator Map

Street Closure Interactive Map

Street Closure

This page last updated on 7/1/2021.