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Local Officers Compensation Commission

Purpose: "The Commission shall determine the salaries of such local elected officials, which determination shall be the salaries unless the legislative body, by resolution adopted by two‑thirds (2/3) of the members elected to and serving on the legislative body, rejects them." "The Commission shall also make recommendation regarding the compensation of local appointed officials who hold positions on boards, commissions, and committees under the jurisdiction of the City Commission." Creation of the Local Officers Compensation Commission authorized by Section 276.01 of the Traverse City Code of Ordinances.

There is currently two vacancies on this Commission. To be eligible a person must be a registered elector of the City. The person shall also not be a member or employee of the legislative, judicial or executive branch of any level of government or a member of the immediate family of such member or employee shall be eligible to be a member. All interested individuals should complete the Application to Become Involved and submit it to the City Clerk's Office.