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Duncan L. Clinch Marina

Welcome to Traverse City's Duncan L. Clinch Marina. Our marina is owned and operated by the City of Traverse City and governed by the policies of the Michigan State Waterways Commission, a division of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. All our guidelines follow our grant-in-aid agreement with the Michigan State Waterways Commission and City regulations.

In 1933 an Ordinance was enacted by the City Commission to provide for acquiring and constructing a municipal harbor. The City Clerk wrote to the War Department to request a permit to construct a breakwater and boat wells adjacent to Clinch Park.

The City Engineer went to Washington D.C. in 1938 to attend a hearing on the breakwater. The hearing was successful and in 1939 the breakwater was built.

Traverse City's mayor appointed 5 local men to be on a harbor committee in 1958.

In 1960 the City Commission obtained an appropriation from the Waterways Commission to construct a marina. Since there were 2 private marinas - Darrow's and Murray's (older names now obsolete) the intent was to provide boat slips for out of town visitors. The marina was built in 1960-61, and was named Duncan L. Clinch Yacht Harbor.

This page last updated on 12/22/2021.