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Highlights from the 2018 Engineering Department Annual Report

Hickory Hills Recreation Area - 

Hickory Hills Recreation Area improvements were completed following years of community visioning resulting in an adopted master plan for Hickory Hills. In conjunction with our community partner, Preserve Hickory, the City undertook improvements including a new lodge, site improvements including paved parking lot, landscaping, and a stormwater management system. Winter recreation improvements included Nordic trails, Alpine slopes, snowmaking, rope tow, lighting, and a conveyor lift. Summer recreation improvements included disc golf expansion, trails, an ADA inclusive trail, and similar activities that support year-round use of the park and facilities. The City constructed a new maintenance facility for the recreation area.

Lake Avenue Streetscape - 

The reconstruction of Lake Avenue and the addition of streetscapes has been a long planned project. Completed in November of 2018, Lake Avenue will serve the City of Traverse City. Lake Avenue was Phase III of the Eighth St. construction programming. The project included:

  • Street reconstruction with intersection improvements at Eighth and Cass
  • Raised crosswalks at Cass for a safer pedestrian experience
  • Sidewalks on north and south side of street with street trees
  • Amenities such as benches and bike racks
  • Improved parking and increased capacity with reverse angle parking
  • Upgrades and replacements to sanitary sewer, water, and stormwater

2018 Pavement Preservation -

The 2018 Pavement Preservation project utilizes the City’s portion of the county road millage funds to resurface streets that are rated in fair to poor condition and do not currently need underground utilities repaired. The focus of the project is primarily on renewing the asphalt wearing surface on streets that have reached the end of there asphalt life expectancy. In addition to city streets, the following projects were included within the project (not funded through county road millage): City parking Lot P was reconstructed (final construction Spring 2019), a small section of city parking lot K was resurfaced, and the alley North of 8th St. between Boardman Ave. and Railraod Ave. was reconstructed. The project included:

  • 23,452 Syd pavement surface milled
  • 35,867 Syd pavement removed
  • 7,248 Tons asphalt placed
  • Upgraded Pavement Markings
  • 3 miles of improved streets

Clancy Park - 

Clancy Park is walkable distance from hundreds of homes, two large school campuses and the northern terminus of the TART in Town bike trail. The project included:

  • Approximately 1,310 feet of concrete walkway
  • Improvements to the existing natural area including accessible mulched paths, log seating, and removal of invasive plants
  • 3 additional benches with accessible companion seating
  • Small pavilion with an accessible picnic table and bike racks
  • New basketball court and hoop
  • New playground equipment and protective surfacing such as:

        -Swings (4) for all ages and abilities
        -Universally accessible jumper/climber
        -Poured-in-place rubberized porous protective surfacing surrounded by concrete                       walkways

  • New natural play features

        -Gentle hills with boulders

  • Refurbished existing merry-go-round
  • Other site amenities including an accessible water fountain with water bottle filling station and dog dish, dog waste station, and trash containers
  • Funding from grants and the Brown Bridge Trust Fund

Eighth Street Alley -

Reconstruction of the alley north of Eighth St. between Boardman Avenue and Railroad Avenue (3 blocks) was Phase II of the Eighth St. construction programming. The project included:

  • Removing and replacing the existing pavement
  • Installing traffic calming measures
  • New concrete gutter
  • New storm sewer, including catchbasins, manholes, and four (4) drywells

2018 Sidewalk Preservation -

The 2018 Sidewalk Preservation project focused on repairing existing sidewalks throughout the City that were rated poor and very poor. During the 2018 construction season, the western half of the City’s sidewalks (west of Boardman Ave.) were repaired. The project will continue during the 2019 construction season on the eastern half of the City’s sidewalks rated in poor and very poor condition. The project included:

  • 61,535 square feet of sidewalk was repaired  - Estimated 11,616 lineal feet or 2.2 miles of sidewalk replaced

An Engineering Department intern gathered Traffic Data from June to September.

  • 124 locations were counted for average daily traffic
  • 17 locations for speed
  • 11 locations for classifications
  • 10 locations for pedestrians
  • 11 locations for stop warrants
  • 4 location for a signal warrant
  • Trip timing study


Right-of-way- 290
Stormwater Run-off Control- 18
Soil Erosion- 28

Utility Review-13 

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