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City Engineering

WELCOME! The Engineering Department is currently open to the public!

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The work performed by the Engineering Department includes:

  • Utility reviews in conjunction with land use permits, right-of-way permits, stormwater runoff control permits, and soil erosion permits
  • Administration and inspection of right-of-way permits, stormwater runoff control permits, and soil erosion permits
  • Motorized and non-motorized traffic counts and studies
  • Engineering design of City infrastructure projects such as:
    • Street and Parking Lot Reconstruction and Resurfacing
    • Storm Water Quality, Sewer, and Water Systems
    • Bridge and Culvert Inspection, Construction, and Rehabilitation
    • City Building Construction, Rehabilitation, and Renovation
    • Bike Paths and Trails
    • Sidewalk Improvements, Repair, and Infill
    • City Park and Bayfront Improvements
  • Construction engineering and site inspection
  • Contract administration
  • Development of City engineering reports and guidelines for engineering best practices
  • Historic record keeping for City projects
    • GIS utility record keeping
    • Electronic and hard copies of as-builts
  • Collaboration with numerous adjacent municipalities, advocacy groups, and private entities within the City limits
  • Has representatives for numerous multi-jurisdictional committees, including:
    • Regional Bridge Council and Bridge Scour Committee (MDOT)
    • Regional Transportation Planning and Traffic Assessment (TTCI)
    • North Region Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee (MDOT)
  • Assists in several other aspects of the City, including:
    • Ordinance Compliance and Development
    • Economic Development Projects
    • Asset Management
    • Budgeted Capital Improvements
    • Grant Applications
    • Transportation Planning

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    This page last updated on 12/21/2021.