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Featured Engineering Department Projects

Eighth Street Reconstruction Project -

8th Street DesignThe E. Eighth St. Reconstruction Project will begin on Monday, May 6, 2019. The work includes total reconstruction of the street with a three lane configuration, off street cycle track adjacent to the sidewalk, Mid-block crosswalks and street trees with site amenities such as benches and trash receptacles. Lighting improvements include pedestrian scale lighting for the cycle track and sidewalk in addition to safety lighting for vehicular traffic. Utilities include 24” diameter water main, new sanitary sewer and storm sewer with low impact design considerations. For more information and regular updates on project progress, please visit 

2019 Sidewalk Preservation Project- 

Sidewalk PreservationThe 2019 Sidewalk Preservation Project focuses on repairing existing sidewalks throughout the City that are rated poor and very poor. During the 2018 construction season, the western half of the City's sidewalks (west of Boardman Ave.) were repaired. During the 2019 construction season, the eastern half of the City's sidewalks will be repaired. 


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