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Planning Commission

This Commission consists of 9 members - all appointments shall be made at the organization meeting in November. 

Membership consists of the following:

  • Six persons appointed by Mayor with approval of the City Commission (3-yr terms).
  • One administrative official selected by the Mayor. 
  • Two members of the City Commission selected by that Body.

Purpose:  To prepare and adopt physical plans for the City; and to review development proposals, both private and public, regarding their consistency with City plans.

Creation of the City Planning Commission required by City Charter Section 160 and by Section 1220 of the City Code of Ordinances.

Planning Commission Bylaws

Planning Commission Goals

Annual Report:
Planning Commission Annual Report 2018
Planning Commission Annual Report 2017
Planning Commission Annual Report 2016
Planning Commission Annual Report 2015
Planning Commission Annual Report 2014

Planning documents (Master Plans, etc)

Planning Commission forms and permits 

This page last updated on 8/4/2020.