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City Establishes Communications Specialist position

by Colleen Paveglio
Monday, June 14, 2021

June 14, 2021 - To further their goal of inspiring more engagement and driving up awareness of city initiatives, projects and services, the City Commission approved the establishment of a Communications Specialist position as recommended by City Manager Marty Colburn, City Clerk Benjamin Marentette and Human Resources Director Kristine Bosley.  City Clerk Benjamin Marentette has named Colleen Paveglio to serve as the Communications Specialist for the City of Traverse City.      Ms. Paveglio begins her new position on Monday, June 14, 2021, and will report directly to the City Clerk.

The City Clerk’s Office serves as the city’s public information office and every year, has thousands of interactions with citizens and stakeholder groups.   The office touches all city departments, with nearly every piece of information and business related to city government flowing through it in one shape or another; however, there has never before been a professional position focused and dedicated to engagement, communications and education to serve the entire organization.  

In her role, Ms. Paveglio will be responsible for overseeing the city’s official communications platforms, including website, social media, and other digital communication tools.   She will lead the city’s public information and communication efforts, nurturing community relations and engagement and public awareness of the city’s programs, initiatives and services.   Ms. Paveglio will be building relationships with neighborhood associations, stakeholder groups and the general public, proactively identifying strategies and plans for engagement.   One of the first projects that will be led by Paveglio is a complete overhaul of the city website.   She will also be developing new outreach methods, and developing a communications and media plan for the organization in order to better connect and reach a wide audience. 

Ms. Paveglio has a Bachelor of Arts & Science in Communications from Michigan State University and has served as a communications and marketing professional for over 16 years, serving in that capacity most recently for the Traverse City Downtown Development Authority.

Marentette indicated, “Colleen Paveglio loves Traverse City and engagement and transparency in government is at the core of her DNA.    She is the perfect person for this important professional role and we are excited to see the benefits of her work, which will be seen throughout the community.   Having the benefit of more minds at the table when tackling issues addressed by city government is invaluable and Colleen’s history and relationships within this community and her passion for community involvement will do just that: bring more minds to the table and we’ll all be better for it.”

Ms. Paveglio is responsible for several projects and programs that were specifically geared toward Traverse City residents such as Shop Your Community Day, the Downtown Light Parade, and Traverse City Restaurant Week. She has developed a number of engagement programs that focus on municipal endeavors. In 2014, Ms. Paveglio worked with the City of Traverse City to create the Public Art ordinance and the Traverse City Arts Commission. Since then, she has been instrumental in a number of public art installations throughout the City. Most recently, she developed the city’s 2020 annual report, The Performance.

“I am thrilled to serve in this new role and grow the city’s communication landscape to increase civic engagement and identify opportunities to share the city’s message in an open and inclusive manner. As a resident of the city, I have a deep passion for our community and I am honored to have the opportunity to work together to build civic pride,” says Colleen Paveglio.