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The City Manager shall appoint and remove, with the approval of five (5) members of the City Commission, a City Clerk and a City Treasurer.  The City Manager shall appoint an Assessor, Police Chief, Fire Chief, City Engineer, and may appoint a Health Officer, and such other officers and heads of departments as may be deemed necessary, or may be created by the City Commission.  The City Commission may create such additional offices as it may deem necessary for the operation of the City government upon recommendation by the City Manager, provided such offices do not invade the functions of the foregoing offices.  The powers and duties of these officers and heads of the departments shall be those prescribed by State law, by this Charter and by ordinance, and such additional duties as may be required by the City Manager. The compensation of officers and employees, except that of City Manager, shall be fixed by the City Manager with the approval of the City Commission, in accordance with budget appropriations.  The compensation of the City Manager shall be fixed by the Commission.

The City Manager shall establish regulations setting forth the duties of and the procedures to be followed in each department and office of the City government, which regulations shall be compiled and shall be known as "The Administrative Code."  Pending the creation of such code the City Manager may establish temporary regulations.  Each officer or director of a department of the City government shall, subject to approval by the City Manager, have supervision and control of his department and shall have power to prescribe rules and regulations, not inconsistent with this Charter and the Administrative Code.

This page last updated on 1/17/2022.