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City Treasurer

The City Treasurer's Office is responsible for the collection and disbursement of all monies for the City and maintaining appropriate accounting and financial records to document these transactions. The department is the custodian of over $131 million in City assets. It receives over $41.0 million per year in revenue and makes payment of about $36.6 million in expenses, excluding the $14.3 million collected for the schools, college, county, and district library. This office handles payments for over 10,000 utility customers on a monthly basis, payments on 7,800 tax parcels in both the summer and winter, invoicing of over 1,000 individuals and businesses for miscellaneous services performed by City departments, collection of taxes on about 1,000 parcels which have special improvement districts, and processing over 20,000 parking tickets per year. The payroll is processed and disbursed from this department on a bi-weekly basis for approximately 200 employees. This department pays all City expenses and writes an estimated 7,200 voucher checks per year.

The Treasurer's Office has six full-time employees. There are also four employees who are assigned solely to the electric, water and sewer funds to handle the customer service, billing and collection aspects of utility accounting.

This page last updated on 1/5/2022.